Matt’s online coaching program changed my life, literally! I’ve always been up and down with my weight, mainly my chest and gut always being extra flabby and out of shape due to travelling, not the best diet and thinking I had no time to exercise. I spoke with Matt who gave me a great home workout, along with nutrition advice for meals and was always there to help with any questions. I started in February and within a month I noticed the difference. Fast forward to July and my body was in a shape I’ve never had it before and I didn’t have to visit the gym once. Highly recommend him to get you kickstarted on your road to becoming fit and healthy!


Matt has been a great coach throughout the whole process, and on several levels. Always with a careful ear on my specific needs and constraints, he helped me motivate myself getting back into shape and especially feel it was possible, with a constant, easy and very rewarding effort and new habits. He also made very helpful video training sessions and also gave some recipe tips. I would absolutely recommend an experience with him as a coach.


Sugai Sensei made me realise how much you can actually achieve just from working out at home. Starting the program just before lockdown made the transition from working out at gyms to doing it all from home so much easier. The exercises were really easy to pickup and still remain my go to exercises. I also found the live video workouts great too and helped motivate me to do more. Highly recommend the program to anyone looking to get fit, what ever your level!



I feel like Matt tailors the experience not only to your fitness level and goals, but to your personality as well.

I live an extremely busy working lifestyle with a huge variation in routine from week to week and Matt has designed my workouts according to the time I have a available (be that 5 mins a day or 45 mins a day) and the type of workout I most need that time. Having learned that I like the science behind why our bodies work the way they do but also knowing I’m not the biggest fan of gyms he’s often incorporating new theories or articles and workouts that keep me interested and challenging me in ways that work well with my Psyche. Having been active my whole life and then just coming off of the back of a neurological injury has at points been extremely stressful and I’ve found that the positive attitude Matt brings to the pot has really helped me stay on track too. Not to mention I’ve managed to regain my strength and movement much faster since having him as my trainer. I like the way he’s not overly pushy but also still challenging enough to keep you honest with yourself. For me this leads to an all round better reflection and determination. I feel that even though I was fairly active before joining, what I’ve learned now is how to workout smarter; the vast amount of experience and knowledge he brings to the table means I can have all sorts of outlandish ideas of the goals I want to achieve and he will help me place that into an actually actionable plan.


Sugai is a brilliant coach who’s knowledge of fitness, the mechanics of the body, and motivational psychology has given me fantastic tools that help me develop as an injury free long distance runner.

Sugai Sensei’s dedicated, individualised coaching methods are outstanding, and his research in my particular area of fitness helped me fine tune my training plans to great effect, whilst ensuring that I develop my stretching and strength routines to ensure consistent development and freedom from injury.

If you are serious about your health and fitness, have a word with Matt. Highly recommended!


You don’t stop exercising because you get old. You get old because you stop exercising.

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